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A stove is more than just a source of heat.

It brings family and friends together, decisively influences the atmosphere of our living spaces and helps to leave everyday life behind us. The coziness of the fire makes a house a home – and that is precisely our claim. We don’t just build stoves, we create quality of life.

" We have owned a RIKA wood-burning stove for over 10 years and are still as enthusiastic today as we were back then. RIKA quality keeps its promise!
Italian Customer, City

Qual­i­ty with­out com­pro­mis­ing com­fort

We love to think stoves one step further and to integrate new ideas. Why shouldn’t it be possible to simply voice-control a stove, ignite it at the touch of a button, combine pellets and wood logs, heat multiple rooms simultaneously or also use it as an oven?

Qual­i­ty can come in many dif­fer­ent ways

Finding the perfect stove does not have to be tough. We provide a wide range of different models to accommodate any requirements. These pellet stoves are particularly popular in Italy, but don't worry, there is more to discover on our website!

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We are convinced of the high quality of our stoves and want to make you feel the same way. Our local dealers are looking forward to answering any open questions, demonstrating features and helping you find that perfect stove.